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Custom Aquariums June 20, 2014

Build your own custom fish tanks or we can build them for you. We can also offer help or teach you on how to build your own fish tank.

custom built aquariumsThese aquariums can be made into different sizes and shapes. Check out the different sized tanks on the navigation at the right side of your screen. The cool thing about having your custom fish tank is that when friends and relatives visit, they would be intrigued with your fish tank and having a fish tank that is distinctly different from others is a great way of people remembering you. Custom built aquariums will liven up any room in your home or office.

We can handle custom aquarium Living Art installations all over the world. The only increase in costs are the travel expenses paid to the installation team and then potentially travel expenses for a pre-install site visit depending on the complexity of the design/installation. We can handle any type of aquarium size and design with the team and resources we have. Our installations include design, fabrication, Living Art equipment installation, decoration and system startup so that when we complete the installation, the system is ready to add freshwater fish & plants and saltwater fish, invertebrates, live rock and/or corals immediately. We also can handle the initial stocking of the aquarium even outside our immediate service area and will interview local maintenance companies for routine aquarium services to give you our recommendation on who local to use. In saltwater, we prefer to use live rock as a base for either a fish only or coral reef system, as we find live rock is more beneficial to a healthier successful Saltwater Living Art system.

Go ahead and decide on what fish tank you would like to build. Contact us and let us help you.

*You can check out the prices for custom fish tanks here.