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2000 Gallon April 25, 2012

2000 Gallon Aquarium

Seven Buying Factors

2000-gallon-aquariumThinking of getting a large 2000 gallon aquarium? Perhaps you’d like to get a tank to showcase a dead space in your home or office? 2000 gallons will give you plenty of room for a couple larger fish or plenty of smaller ones. If properly set-up and maintained your large aquarium can be a great addition to your home.

Before you jump into getting a large custom aquarium like this though, consider the following seven points:

1. Commitment

If you are a DIYer, there could be be significant time investment on your part to get the 2000 gallon tank up and running. Hiring an experienced install company like Fintastic will make this process painless. Either way, there will be some periodic monitoring, feeding, and cleaning involved. However, advances in technology and proper fish selection can reduce the amount of time needed to maintain your tank.

2. Location

locationDue to the size of these tanks, you’re going to need to designate a specific spot in your home or office for this tank. As pertains to all aquariums, choose something away from direct sunlight and a place that is level as well. Obviously, you want to put this in a place that can be easily viewed by you and your guests. Recommendations for in the home would be in the kitchen (if there is enough space), living room, or den. Because these tanks are so large though, be sure not to overwhelm your room with the tank. The whole system height is over 72″ high. If you want to get an idea of how big these aquariums are, the wide versions are this dimension:

188” wide x 55” deep x 45” Tall

3. Weight

weightNot to state the obvious but these things can weigh a ton. Well, probably closer to 2 tons based on the 1000 lbs tank, plus water, coral, rocks, sand. Just for your education, fresh water weighs about 8.35 lbs per gallon and salt water is 8.6 lbs per gallon. If in doubt, seek a structural engineer’s opinion. Be sure that the location you pick can be upgraded to support this amount of weight. So, closer to a load bearing wall the better and on the lower floor (or a 2+ story house) are probably good ideas.

4. Stand

standReady made tank stands can be purchased for just about any aquarium up to 2000 gallons. Anything bigger than this and you are getting into custom ordering or building your own stand. Due to weight, time and cost that go into these large tanks, we highly recommend that you work with a professional like Fintastic to get this done correctly. Also, think about how high you want the tank to rest as well when it will primarily be viewed (sitting/standing). Last thing to consider is for under/overhead storage of the stand.


waterWith proper planning, water lines can be run directly to the tank, so you don’t have to make constant trips to the tank to keep filling it up. With a tank this big, changing a small percentage of the water can end up being a big deal.

Saltwater mixing vats can also be planned in to make saltwater changes easier that are automatically topped off with reverse osmosis water as with the aquarium system.

6. Glass or Acrylic

Glass or AcrylicThe debate will continue on forever. Both materials have pluses and minuses. Generally speaking, larger custom tanks are made of acrylic because it is lighter and clearer than compared to glass. However, acrylic tanks are generally more expensive than glass tanks.

Starfire glass is now available which is optically clear like acrylic. Game rooms should only have acrylic aquariums. Acrylic is repairable when scratched while glass is not.

7. Ready to GO!

Ready to GOFintastic stocks plenty of ready made large gallon aquariums. We can also custom order a dream tank and stand combo for you as well as come to your house or office to complete the installation process.

Stop by our convenient Charlotte location or give us a ring at (704) 525-0049. If you are ready to get started today, fill out our custom tank order form and we’ll get back with you within 24 hours.


Price Range
Freshwater – $50 to $100 per gallon
Saltwater fish (live rock with artificial decorations or complete artificial reef) – $75 to $125 per gallon
Saltwater Coral Reef System – $90 to $150 per gallon