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Fintastic started in 1992 as the Carolinas' first full-service aquarium retailer with high quality freshwater and marine fish. We are now exclusively specializing in high-end aquarium installs and custom fish tanks in the Carolinas and beyond. Experience our custom fish tank design center where you can create the system of your dreams. Read more

I know it’s not often people tell you positives about your employees so I just thought I’d send you a positive on Kyle. My name is David Nims and Kyle came to my house for a consult because I’ve been having problems with my tank. He was very thorough and was very informative. He answered all my questions and offered me some excellent advice on what I should and shouldn’t do. Also unlike some of the sales people he didn’t talk down to me and assume I already knew everything he explained in a way I understood exactly what I needed to do. Because of this experience which I felt was worth the money I will most definitely recommend your service to others. Tell him thanks again and to keep up the good work.–David Nims

The summer of 2012, I was unemployed and decided to return to my childhood hobby of fish keeping. I began with freshwater fish and plants. In short order, I found Fintastic and began a relationship with the store and its staff. In particular, I must call out Erienne (Store Manager). She takes a personal interest in her customers. I consider her my saltwater partner. With patience and kindness, Erienne provides clear advice without ‘upselling’ anything. She is most interested in ensuring a healthy environment, both within her store and in the tanks we have in our homes or businesses. Additionally, Beth and Justin continually provide advice and counsel. Justin helped to foster my love of coral. My tank is a 28 gallon saltwater nano cube, so it takes a great deal to keep it constant and optimal. The stock and the products are top knotch. Weekly, I purchase my saltwater to use to change out the water. It never fails that I spend time with the staff to learn or seek an swers to questions that arise.–Mark Jacobs

Dear Kyle, Thank you so much for not only taking the initiative to acquire our new tank decorations, but for always being so attentive in keeping our aquariums looking their best. You're the best and our residents have never been as excited as they are now when the enjoy the fish. They wanted to thank you with the banner in the picture. Again, thanks for being awesome and we appreciate all you do for us.–Dean Quick, Purcell Residents, and the Recreation Therapy / Activities Department

We recently had a pond “emergency” and contacted Fintastic for help. The service was more than I could have hoped for. The owner actually went on the call himself because all of his maintenance techs were already out of the store on other calls. He recognized that we were in danger of losing all of our koi and responded to the situation rather than just putting us off until one of his techs had availability. He located a leak, and dealt with the significant algae problem immediately while on site. By that evening the change in the water was remarkable, and we didn’t lose any additional fish. Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service and aquatic knowledge!–KATIE RYAL

Here's a thank you for being the best LFS in Charlotte!–DANIEL HEWITT

I will miss Fintastic very much you guys are the best! could not be more pleased with your store and all of the great employees you have. Thank You!–Kevin Moore

Hi! I recently visited Fintastatic for the first time. I loved it! The store was beautiful, and so were the fish. I have not purchased anything from the store, but I am saving up for a first aquarium, and I plan to get everything I need from Fintastic. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable about anything fishy! They stock so many species that other stores don't. It is a Fintastic store, and I plan to keep coming back.–NOAH

I am tempted to order items from the internet—but I worry about the shipping and what I will open up at home without a dedicated QT setup. I have always been able to put in a special order for specific animals I want and they come in as expected. In doing so, I still have the choice of whether to buy fish online it or pass on it based on its condition/health. You cannot go anywhere in a 100 mile radius and see the variety and/or quality of corals/fish--and I like seeing what I buy before paying for it. Owais, Matt, and others have always been helpful in general reef talk and in selecting fishes/corals for each tank. The recent extension to me of internet pricing allows me more flexibility and opportunity in supporting the LFS instead of a warehouse in the middle of the country. I honestly have gone to other local fish stores just to compare and there is not one. I will gladly pay more for a healthier specimen which is what I have always found at Fintastic. The ONLY fish losses I’ve had from your stock (which is around 35 total) were jumpers (blue spotted jawfish, diamond goby). I’m also glad to say I’ve yet to have a coral loss as a result of an infected piece from your store. The LR (all 420# of it in both tanks) was very good quality. I do my best to support my LFS which is Fintastic even in the difficult competition with Dr F&S, Bulk Reef Supply, and Marine Depot. Meck Co. tax going up isn’t helping either! The tax is a big deal if you’re spending a couple grand if you buy fish online. I appreciate the efforts Carl has made to try and meet prices on the products I use to keep my business and I in turn don’t forward that info onto everybody coming to the store to buy stuff.–JED DEFELICE, RN

Hi Greg my name is Crystal and I work at Suburban Pediatrics. I'am the receptionist right in front of our fish tank and I have become very accustom the condition of our tank. I just wanted to comment on the work Marty has done for us on our fish tank. Our tank is constantly in clean condition. All of the previous workers had not cleaned our tank well enough to last between cleanings. We are very pleased with his work and just wanted to share that with you. Thank you!–Crystal Easley Carolinas-Health-Care-System

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